Welcome to Triple M Ranch





We are a small Ranch located in the heart of Central California’s Wine Country, 7 miles East of Lodi.


We mainly raise horses, Polled Hereford cattle, and Queensland Heelers. Other critters on our ranch include meat breed rabbits, chickens and a barn cat here and there. 

We rope when we can and we show cattle when we can, but most of the time we are here at the Ranch tending to chores. 

Our Queensland Heelers are with us all the time. They know their jobs and are always ready and eager to work everyday whether it’s pushing cattle, helping feed and bring the horses up, or simply riding around with us checking fences.


Whether they are in the back of the truck, laying in front of the fireplace or mooching snacks in the kitchen, these Queenslands are definitely our friends. They possess unsurpassed levels of loyalty and obedience.

We are very proud of our Queensland Heelers !!   

In general, the Queensland Heeler makes an awesome watchdog but can become overly aggressive if respectful boundaries and discipline are not established early on.


Our dogs are excellent watchdogs for the ranch. They are physically intimidating enough to keep the Bad Guys out, but gentle enough to play with the kids for hours at a time. They have even been known to CUDDLE up on a lap!




We anxiously await the arrival of our litters. Having these dogs and puppies in our life is an extremely rewarding experience.


Part of the pleasure in raising Queenslands is meeting other people who are also as drawn to them as we are and hearing their personal stories about how the Queensland has touched their lives. Naturally, we tend to establish long lasting friendships with our customers as if they are part of an extended family.


All of our puppies have gone to good homes, mostly Dairy and Ranch orientated.

We enjoy keeping in contact with our clientele and regularly receive exciting reports and updates on their puppy’s personality and development. Any new pictures we get from them are posted on our CUSTOMERS PAGE .


We currently have a contact list of people waiting for puppies. After the litter arrives and we can tell what colors they are going to be, we will contact those interested on the list and notify them of the Color/Gender combinations that will be available. Tails will be docked between 1 to 2 weeks of age. If you would like me to send you the form to get on the list, click here

  Photos of the puppies will be posted on our website and updated regularly. If you have any questions, please email us.


If you would like to be added to the list and notified of our next litter, please fill out the waiting list form. 


You will receive a confirmation once your name has been added to the Contact list.





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